«Best Posts»: Find Out What Your Target Audience Is Interested In


Do you remember that JagaJam and «Odnoklassniki» launched an online-service «Best Posts» on the 1st of July? We’ve been monitoring the usage of this service for a while and have realized that it’s been very popular among a wide range of marketing specialists. So, now we have finally released its full functionality for all the other social networks integrated with JagaJam: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”.

Let us recall, what opportunities: «Best Posts» instrument provides to you:

  • You can carry out popular content by industry;
  • You can find out which topics are popular among the consumers of different industries;
  • You can monitor the relevance of news hooks in social networks;
  • You can carry out a competitive analysis;
  • Benchmarking.

What experts say about «Best Posts» instrument:

Analytics on popular content in social network is a powerful instrument to use while conducting competitive analysis. It helps to find out and analyze competitors’ activity on social. Also with the help of the service you can get to know what topics your audience is interested in the most, and with the help of this information you will be able to make convenient content plan.

Semyon Boyarskiy,
«Odnoklassniki» Business Development Manager

Sometimes community managers should put aside all their graphs and reports, take a break and pay attention to the best examples of popular content in a particular industry. With the help of this new instrument social media marketing specialists will be able to monitor trends, define what topics resonate with the audience at the moment and, as a result, make communication with users more efficient.

Aleksandr Kruglov,
«VKontakte» Development Director

Under circumstances where almost every social network and service has changed their newsfeed generation algorithm and currently gives priority to the quality of content, this service becomes more and more popular. But now we have an opportunity not only to evaluate the efficiency of our posts, but also to analyze the posts of our competitors. And it’s all for free :) What cheers me up the most – now this instrument is available to use not only in “Odnoklassniki”, but in some other social networks too.

Anton Fedin,
Head of Social Media at CTC Media

We really like what JagaJam have been doing lately: we have been using general community statistics in our segment for a while. Information on the top posts in social media can deepen and detail this analytic data, give an opportunity to focus on all the competitors at once and improve our own knowledge on the interests of our target audience in social media and services.

Islam Abdullabekov,
Head of Social Media at RBC

How to use «Best Posts»?

Open Statistics page and choose a needed social network.

Then choose an industry and a region.

You will see general statistics data by industry. Then go to «Best Posts» tab.

Please turn attention to the “last week/last month” switcher. With its help you can monitor and analyze, which posts have been popular for a short period of time and which ones have been relevant over the course of a long period.

Then you will see statistics data on every post: number of likes, comments, reposts, total number of interactions and post engagement rate.

«Best Posts» instrument is available for free. However, if you need to save posts and statistics on any industry or brand over a chosen period of time, you can send a request to JagaJam .

This service is provided on a commercial basis.

Translation: Julia Sturova