JagaJam: 4 Years – Still Going Strong!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 4 years since JagaJam was launched. Now the time has come to give a brief overview of our activity. After all, 4 years is quite a long period of time. Along the way we’ve gone through different stages of growing up.

JagaJam 2012: A Start-up

We used to be start-uppers at first. The very first JagaJam version was made and released in three months. Now we are wondering: how was that possible? Our first client appeared on the very first day of JagaJam operation. That’s how we got our first reward. If you could only imagine what a motivation to work hard it became for us! So, we started working like maniacs. We were rushing at full speed. JagaJam became popular: big brands and agencies wanted to use JagaJam, investors expressed a desire to buy the service. What can we say? It was such a thrill!

Лого JagaJam 1.0
First JagaJam Website Version

JagaJam 2014: Research and Innovations

We managed to save up some money over a couple of years. That was the moment when the service development process was supplemented by marketing. We tried not to miss a single SMM-conference. So, we were presenting our service on and on…

Here I would like to slow down the story and on behalf of the whole JagaJam Team say “thank you” to Yana “never miss a single conference” Martynova – our driving force. Yana, thanks a lot! ;)

So, little by little we got used to our SMM-analytics experts role and made a decision to start making a new JagaJam version for super-professionals and advanced analysts. Armed with guides to statistics and analytics, we managed to implement dozens of metrics of all kinds into the system in order to make deep brand page analysis possible. At that moment we didn’t have a clue that the majority of our users are humanities-minded people. But anyway, nobody could stop us at that time. JagaJam 2.0 was released in spring 2014. By the way, this version is still relevant. We show it to all our clients.

JagaJam 2.0 Logo
JagaJam 2.0 Website

JagaJam 2016: Analytics Platform

Life does not stand still. We keep on gaining experience. Last autumn we had a moment of enlightening :) We started something massive, something that still makes our blood run cold. The bigger project you make, the harder to find a way to deal with that it is. But as one might say, all things are difficult before they are easy!

At first, we changed our approach. We’re not updating the service once again, we are remaking it. We take every single thing into account: the needs of the market, the experience we’ve gained, new technological opportunities. All of these will be reflected in our future product. We feel like a start-up again. And by this we don’t mean the current stage of our project, but the way and spirit of our work. We are going to share with you our latest updates, features and news. And soon there will be plenty of them.

So what should you do first when you implement a project – not a new one, but with a whole history behind it? That’s right: you should freshen up your logo and corporate identity ;) Some users may have already seen our new style and logo at RIW 2015 and RIF 2016. Without further ado, we present it below.

New JagaJam Corporate Identity

We heartily thank designer Evgeniy Nepomnyaschyi for the work on visual JagaJam brand transfiguration and also Sergey Menschikov for a tip ;)

And, of course, you couldn’t have missed the new adaptive JagaJam website design ;) We are currently building a new transformer website in order to make all the information available to users with different devices in a user-friendly design. Only a small part of whole site functionality is currently available. But there's a time for everything. JagaJam wants to express our great gratitude to designer Aleksandr Tikhonov and his Flyphant studio! Well done! We say “thank you” to Kirill Grosh for a tip ;)